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released November 20, 2014



all rights reserved


Candela Farm Vancouver, British Columbia

Andrew Candela and farm.

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Track Name: Wounded Anenome
What is not but could have been what happened before gonna happen again. I don't know why and I don't know when but the change on the street is the change in your head. What do you do with all your problems?
You're wounded like an animal, chained and ankled to a giant rock, you got a piece of the body, the body alone. The sum of the parts that connect the hole. The hole, the mighty might hole. It's time to shake off the sheets, you're finally free, though backed by the bombs and a certain coueur d'esprit. I see you knocking on heavens gate: you've got the front of the line but you still have to wait for the hole. The mighty mighty hole.
Smart enough so they keep you safe inside, don't want to send you to die. Say you're rolling but they drop you off before even giving you a ride.
What are your problems?
Track Name: Sound of Decay
What you want may not be what you want. What you seek may not be what you seek. Mirror and shadow cover bright bright light you've gotta fight fight fight fight fight fight fight for a chance to even see.
One and one and one and one is three. Everybody trying to believe in a face that's tight in a body that's right gonna work work work 'till they fuck you, right before they leave. What did they even want us to hear? I wasn't there, I wasn't there. What were the words that they wanted to say? The sound of decay. Why you fight may not be why you fight. Lots of people are wrong even though they think they're right. Money and power cover bright bright light. You've got to fight fight fight fight fight fight fight for a chance to even see all of the words that they wanted to hear: I wasn't there. All of the songs that they wanted to sing. The sound of decay. (REPEAT)
Track Name: Waiting Room
Remembering the old times, thats how this all started, sitting in the back rooms with a couple little mountains. Cartographers got pencils, drew up little lines and separated people lives, peoples hopes and peoples nations.
In '92, we had our fun protesting how the coffee ground, but the fiction got so pretty and our faculties got bloated, and the images got so pretty they kept gobbling up the world. Waiting Room. Well its the oldest kind of problem, I'm still astonished it's on me, part of the ruling class of assholes for a people I can't see. So I think about their futures, I think about their pasts, and I'm acting like survival is the only thing I have. It's not enough, but integral, to making things seem simpler. Waiting Room. Hey, maybe you could be a bear who's hibernating in the winter. Maybe you you could be the one to turn a veteran to beginner. Maybe it's a discipline, you're learning to remember how the flame is gone, but the pit still holds the embers. Ohh..I don't know what I wanna be..
Track Name: Into the Night
Into the night, I walk alone. I walk alone into the night, my life the shadow disappearing, comes and goes, comes alive and then it dies life it is always reappearing. Into the night, your skin is heavier than stone same one everywhere you go. And how the lights kept on carrying you along, turned us on and on an on. Into the night, I walk alone into the night, I walk alone into the night.
Come along! Come along! Come along everyone! Come on and get happy.
Track Name: Living in the End Times
Kids all want what their parents got, now thats over. They just didn't do what they had to do to get paid. And the luckiest few have the most to loose now that its over. They're watching Athens burn, but there's no one to cover the flame. Send in the troops! Spending up all of the surplus, armouring cars driving us deep into end times. With a voice like glass and an eye to the past, she was walking. She bared her breast to the men who haunted the road. Said, "I know somewhere, out there, they got laws that are meant to protect us. But I'm yours for the night, cause I've got nowhere else I can go." I remember you, you used to talk like a lover. Filling your cup, spilling it over and over....